Before starting your gambling in a casino just take a test to ensure that whether it’s working correctly and if it is compatible to your wallet.

Check your wallet before you play:

To test the same use your wallet and sent your first bet for a minimum amount and see if anything is coming back from the same address. If nothing is coming in return that means your wallet is not compatible with the casino software and you cannot play with the casino. That is the reason why some casino may need a confirmation before the win/loss bat is placed.

Know more about Bitcoin Dice:

However Bitcoin Dice works in a zero confirmation, that means it works just like real-time processing. As soon as it receives the bet, those are evaluated immediately as the client picks up the broadcast. It is a secured process as it allows answering transaction while placing a bet.

Sometimes delays in processing may cause a problem in making a transaction with the software. All the transaction in the software will be recorded with the corresponding dates that mean the software will be automatically updated by taking the date of the bat placed.

You should have compulsorily a single account with the casino website to place your bet. But Bitcoin allows you to place multiple Bitcoin bets in one single transaction. You can put in a lot of multiple outputs to as many of the bet selection addresses as per your requirement. All the bets must have a different lucky number and will be evaluated and paid.

The most important thing here is that how the payment process in going on in Bitcoin. Generally the return payment is sent back to the same account from where they received the mail.

There is no limit for a minimum bet, as Bitcoin wants people to try their luck at Bitcoin website without any risk of loss. However they put a restriction of maximum five payouts of Bitcoin. However, the limit will increase in future.