The most expensive burger of the world according to Guinness Books of Records which cost $205 now can be made by free restaurants. The profit so earned by selling the burger “The Burger Extravagant” will be donated to charity.

McDonald’s Corporation shares fell down as it is not putting efforts in innovation. Undoubtedly the company is famous for its family friendly food but now cannot attract US customers as they are not introducing any new items.

So in order to increase new customers McDonald’s Corporation striked a deal with Starbucks where as its rival Burger King Holdings, Inc. has been pulling customers based on family-friendly foods concept started by McDonald’s Corporation years ago.

McDonald’s Corporation is trying hard to get its position back by means of advertising to increase its sales. McDonald’s Corporation introduced a new menu item of snack wrap and ginger bread Sundaes for holidays.

McDonald’s Corporation share price declined by 14% in the current year, while it was in a peak of 13% last year. So now to boost up the sale they are engaged in advertising activity.

Customer Focus

McDonald’s Corporation, in the field of service emphasises more on customers satisfaction. It focuses in serving customers and offering them good experience in food industry.

McDonald’s Corporation wants to increase its dollar menu, but it will not work to boost its sales, as increase in dollar menu will increase the price too.

Labour Cost

McDonald’s Corporation narrowed down its margin to 19.8% as compared to 21.1% last year. It projected a lesser margin by showing increased labour, production and occupancy cost.

Drink Explosion

For 2013 it has some new plans to introduce a limited time offer for chicken Mc bite. It introduced some beverage plan for chocolate chips drink, lemonade and Mc café smoothies in a less expensive way.

The craze for McDonald’s Corporation food got affected as it put more efforts in beverage sector. As the food sector cannot not be ignored, so it decided to innovate for salad’s burgers and fries.