Soccer is an important sport. It needs much physical exercise for which a soccer players always need more and more energy. As we all know carbohydrate food is the best source of energy, the plays should be recommended, the food rich in carbohydrate only. Almost 70% of a soccer players diet should contain carbohydrate food.

Food for soccer players:

The carbohydrate calorie intake per day should be nearly 2400-3000 for one player, however many players fail to maintain the food habit which cause them low energy issues. They may suffer from  a low glycogen level. Many often you can see them struggling in the second half of the game as they may be left with little  after little carbohydrate in their muscles, after half-time.

A few important Tips:

Snacking throughout the day will help you in maintaining a proper carbohydrate intake level. Moreover, it is quite significant to refuel just after training or after finishing a match to regain  the energy stores in the body.

A few high carbohydrate snacks are Bananas, milkshakes, crumpets, muesli bars, bagels, yogurts, low fat rice pudding and fruit as well. The snacks are rich in carbohydrate but low in fat. A healthy diet also helps the player to recover from an injury more quickly.

The meal for a  soccer player before a match is more important than anything else. The meal should consist of lots of carbohydrates with a little protein, as protein may cause digestion issues. Thus the energy basis of the player is set up.

The glucose level in the blood can be maintained, adding some more carbohydrates to the diet like pasta or rice and with proper blending of vegetables with a little amount of protein, but always free from fat as possible. Thus, fish is best for them. So before a match that will be a perfect meal for a good energy giving diet.