It is difficult to win over the competition of the market with the disadvantage of slowness in working of iphone -5.

In most of the European countries the Apple Inc. i-phones can not be connected to the network.

For this fastest network connecting capacity Nokia Lumia 920 rule over the German stores after its debut. Nokia Corporation is competing with apple and Samsung for its LTE smart phones, with bigger screen and faster network. After apples implementation of Google Inc’s android software for the first time Nokia Corporation got a foothold for its product. Nokia Lumia 920 supports a fast internet connection, so this G4 phone got popular among the public.

LTE (Long Term Evaluation) is a wireless technology to which iphone for U.S can be connected easily but in Europe, it can not be as the frequency there is different. Net browsing, songs downloading and video streaming; these all activities can be possible through LTE technology.

Holiday Shoppers:

Nokia Corporation now having two most popular features such as LTE connectability and new window phone-8 software of Microsoft Corporation trying to attract new customers after a long back.

It is getting popular among the holiday shoppers for the LTE connectability of Lumia. Nokia Lumia smart phones are ruling the shops in Germany. Its share price went up by 21% since last week.

European market showed a very good demand for Nokia Lumia 920. Forecasting to the 4th quarter estimations the sales would be 5 million phones up from the report of last 3 months sale of 2.9 million.

Apple’s Skepticism:

Apart from European market, Nokia Corporation now focusing the U.S market as  its LTE network connectability design is demanded by the U.S market.

Apple has not announced about the up gradation that will be implemented to raise the signalling frequency of its product.

Smart Phone sale reached to 28.1 million in Western Europe and 26.7 million in U.S in the last Quarters.

Apples i-phone can not survive in the market where people give most priority to LTE network connection enabled devices as the i-phones are not doing well with the network.

Loyalist Support:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. the biggest maker of Smart phones, knowing the LTE technology as the strategy of success, designed its galaxy S-III and Note-II accordingly to gain control over the European market.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KRX: 005930)’s Smart phones can boost in the Nordic region as it supports its LTE network frequency.