Nokia Corporation is now fighting with Apple Inc. the iphone maker company on this holiday and wins over the market in the holiday season. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. , is running with android application of Google Inc  enable to connect the LTE network. But the sufferer is the Apple’s iphone.

A comparative study:

After a great struggled journey of several years now Nokia Corporation finally managed to gain control over the market due to its fastest network connecting capacity. Apple’s i-phone is unable to connect with the LTE technology as the frequency of European countries can not support it.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a wireless technology, which support net browsing, downloading songs and video streaming.

Apple’s iphone can not connect with frequency in Europe. So Nokia Corporation is taking advantage of this in European market in the holiday season.

Nokia Lumia 920 supports the fast internet connection thus the 4G phones got popular among the U.S market.

Nokia Corporation win the market:

For this fastest network connecting capacity Nokia Lumia 920 rule over the Germany market after its debut with big screen and faster network. Its share price rose up by 11% since last two weeks.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.’s galaxy SIII and Note II are designed to support the LTE network technology and thus can gain control over the European market. It can also boost up its sale in Nordic region as it supports the LTE network frequency.

Nokia Corporation  now competes with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. as it uses the popular Google Inc ’s Android operating system with 4G support is very appreciated by the user.

Nokia Corporation projected a sale of 5 million units in 4th quarter as compared to a sale of 2.9 million units 3 months back.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  get a raise of  72% in the last quarter in the global market where as Nokia Corporation doubled the sale year on year concerning the hope for Nokia Lumia.