Poker is a type of card game, very popular among the casino lover. Poker is usually played with five cards per player. Sometimes if the cards are more, the best five among them are to be considered in order to declare the winning hand.It is a cash game and played especially by betting money. Many people love to play poker as they find fun in playing the game. Not all the poker player plays the game for fun and pleasure. Some serious poker player plays the game to earn money. Some people taking it as a means of earning their living hood and making profit out of it.

Poker playing rule:

As per the poker playing rule, the game should be played with real cash. However, now the casinos are not allowing their customers to play the game with cash as it is risky to use cash in casino. Almost all the casinos whether it is a land based or online but do not allow the use of real money operation. That is the reason why, now all the casinos are using chips or stake in place of cash. It is like real cash and equivalent to cash also. It is also called token. The player has to purchase this token from the casino by paying money from their bankroll to the manager of the casino. Bankroll is like the wallet for a poker player. It is similar to the bank account or the credit card account of the player. The player has to do all his casino expenses from this account. The player can increase the balance by putting extra money into that and also can exhaust the amount by playing more poker game.

How to win the game:

Poker is a five stud or seven stud card games. The winning here depends on the best hand rank of the cards. It is based upon the run of the cards and varies with the betting limits and the number of cards. Though the game is a speculative one and based on the luck but skill and talent is required to win the game. You will get the best result if you put some strategy into the game. Proper tips and tricks should be followed to win the game.

Apart from the best hand rank card a lot of strategies are there to be followed such as you should keep a regular watch on your opponents’ behaviour in the game. You should follow their facial expression while playing the game. Another trick is taking the help of lying in poker.