Goldman Sachs Group, survived the real estate recession five years ago, to see the housing sector recover again.

After a long six years slump now the prices are recovering and market demand for properties has found a way to buyer’s mind.

Its share price increased tremendously, almost double the price prevailing a year back by the positive push of Federal Reserve.

The housing business expects a further lift by seeing the indices increasing eventually.

More Bullish:

By this contract speculators are encouraged to get in to the business and bet against housing.

Hopes grew in the market with the news that Goldman Sachs Group, Inc raising fund to buy some home loan bonds.

Ripple Effects:

Apart from housing stabilization, it helped ABX Indexes and US domestic bank a lot, which resulted in reforms in US economy and money market. Its shares are marked with a rating of AAA and went up by 39%.

Big Short:

The team sold the bonds of subprime and collateralise the debt. By the end of Feb 2007, they reached to a peak position of about $13.9 billion.

Levin Questioned:

Levin expressed his concern to Goldman Sachs Group, Inc executives that whether any bet against client were done when the customers were sold the mortgage linked securities, to which the bank replied in negative.

The firm paid $550 million to settle the fraudulent law suit against it.

Home Prices:

Home prices went up by 3% as compared to 2006 and have been forecasted to a further gain of 5% for the coming year.

Broader Unemployment:

Due to the housing recovery the demand for new house sale is declining thus hitting the market and growth in economy. Prices of new home declined in October.

This created an unemployment condition in the new housing business which is a hindrance to the global development.

According to a report they found 6% jobless in this housing industry.