Soccer is a famous sport depends on the power of the legs. Physically strong legs and feet let you get lots of juice on your shots, the long passes, and on penalty kicks. To change the direction and sprint also it depends on lower body strength. Thus, if you are planning to join soccer just start strengthening your feet and legs a few months before the season commences. The plan will give you a good dividend.

All about soccer training:

Experts suggest to perform a leg press as it is the most recommended exercise for soccer players whose large leg muscles always seeking to work. To make the muscle stronger and sturdy, you can also add some  more physical workout like high pulls, power cleans, bench step-ups and curls as per the advice of your soccer training coach. Following the plans of a soccer trainer may help you in enhancing your starting fitness level.

To maintain a position in the soccer industry merely muscle mass is not enough. However, the athlete should able to move efficiently. So soccer player needs physical strength to retain a position attain on the platform. Soccer is involved with a major amount of physical contact between opponents, as it is seen often two players contesting one ball in the air. Soccer player needs weight training which emphasises on building strength, without developing the body mass.

leg presses  for soccer training:

Leg exercise plays a significant role to increase the muscle strength through working on the lateral leg strength along with your body-weight. It is advisable to perform two or three sets of 20 reps per day basing on your basic leg circuit.

In addition to that try to perform  hamstring work and the knee exercises. These are meant for male players and even female players suffering from  knee injuries.

Just strengthen your ankles and feet along with your legs with exercises involving a stability pad or single-leg exercises. One leg jump between pads is really helpful.

The sport itself need lots of physical exercise. So in order to develop the strength of the leg required for jumping and driving the ball forcefully, some sorts of physical  exercises are employed. Thus plyometrics programs, focuses on explosive jumps. This can drive the player’s ability to go as long as possible to head a ball. Weight training like leg-specific, leg squats, including leg presses are useful to deliver a kick.