Mr. David Miler, the former Rochdale security trader has been accused of the allegations of fraud associated with the purchase of apple’s share.

David fein, Connecticut attorney general and the FBI jointly sue a criminal lawsuit against David miller alleging as committed some fraud regarding the purchase of $1 million apple stock.

This activity of David Miller, rather profiteering Rochdale, put it is an heavy loss. Now in early Nov after discovering the loss sustained, the firm need a good capital to overcome the situation.

Activity of David Miller:

In accordance with the complaint, on 25 oct Mr. David Miller,working as a sales trader at Rochdale traded 1,625 million apple shares and misrepresent it as a customer order to purchase share and misrepresent it as a customer order to purchase share to the brokerage firm Rochdale.

When asked about the customer order, the customer cleared that he ordered to purchase only 1,625 shares of apple and Miller falsely representing it as 1625 million shares which he traded by mistake. For this activity Rochdale has to suffer a loss of $ 5 million.

Miller now in order to overcome the situation need to sale the huge apple shares. So he convinced another stock trader to sale 5, 00,000 Apple share as it purchased it with no intention of fraud to anyone and moreover he is not authorised to do the trade. As a consequence which rochdale has to bear a huge loss.

The Consequences:

At Bridgeport Conn, FBI arrested Mr. Miller. Now Mr. Miller if found convicted sentenced to a maximum 20 years imprisonment.

Orchestrating of stock and manipulation in trading the stock by misrepresenting the company about the truth is done with a personal interest of making profit. It is a very serious crime which involve many other parties to be affected. This caused a decline in the share of apple’s stock in the market. At a whole the economy is also get affected by this, a said by Kimberly Mertz, FBI’s special agent. According to him it is a very serious offence and the consequences of which is devastating and lasting.