Since a year back everyone thought that Microsoft Corporation  is going towards destruction and nobody can save it. It is coming to an end. But later on we convinced ourselves that nothing is going to happen. But in realty things are different.

Microsoft Corporation CEO Steve Ballmer’s nightmare is started. The nightmare is something like the following….

The iPad beats PC market:

 In the 3rd quarter of 2012 sale of personal computer is declined by 8% paired with an overall decrease of sale of 14% in U.S. Now i-phones are getting popular among the users. In last quarter Apple Inc.   sold 14 million i-pads where as Lenovo, a great PC maker able to get a sale of 13.7 million PCs.

Employees gradually stop working in Windows PCs 

Basically window PCs are designed for work. But now i-phone and smart phones are gaining a good control at work place. People are comfortable with apples mobile product to work with. In 2012, British bank Barclays implemented the use of i-pads for its employee.

Windows 8 fails to stop the i-Pad.

After the arrival of i-pad, Microsoft Corporation window 8 can not maintain and increase its sales. It is difficult in the part of the PC to survive in the market. Its sales are going down day by day. The surface order is also declined by half the amount.

Loyal developers start to leave the Microsoft platform.

 Microsoft Corporation is having only 20,000 apps in its storage for the user where as i-pad provide 275000 apps specially designed for its customer and window phone stores 100,000 apps. iSO have 700,000 apps among which 275,000 for i-pad.

Windows Phone gets no traction despite the Nokia deal and RIM’s collapse

Nokia also tried for phone but it can not cater the market requirement. It merely contributes 2% share in the world’s mobile market. The phones are not demanded by the market as it is thick and heavy as compared to Apple and Samsung phones.