According to GlaxoSmithKline, the food and drug administration (FDA) approved that patients can be now treated with Raxibacumab for the cure of lethal disease anthrax.

FDA’s approval on Raxibacumab:

The monoclonal antitoxin Raxibacumab is the first of its kind to be permitted for the treatment of anthrax, and it targets the anthrax toxins when they are released into the blood and the tissue. Antibiotics kill anthrax bacteria where as Raxibacumab doesn’t kill the anthrax bacteria.

Raxibacumab treatment has been confirmed to be effective only on animals. Human trials have not been possible till now considering the fact that it isn’t feasible and it is unethical as the anthrax bacteria is exposed to humans intentionally. So only in case of healthy adults the same has been confirmed to be safe. The treatment has not been tested even on the pediatric population.

This treatment was first discovered by Human Genome Sciences and subsequently acquired by GlaxoSmithKline.

A 19% decline in net profit in the third quarter has been posted by the UK’s drug maker due to the fall in sales in the UK and Europe.

What is more serious in this context is that the company lost patent protection in the “patent cliff” by which the whole industry was affected. Now the company is working hard to reinstall its previous status.

The company in order to reestablish itself in the industry aggressively seeks new revenue inflow from the field of consumer healthcare and vaccinations. It is also trying hard to repair its repute in the market which was lost due to insufficient sale and the decline in prices in Europe.

Facebook made Internet Crime Rings Arrests

The security team of Facebook Inc helped in identifying the internet culprits all around the world, who stole identities and defrauded victims of more than $850 million according to the FBI.

The U.S. Department of Justice, international law enforcement agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested 10 people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Peru, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S., who is subjected to be suspected of being members of the crime rings, as per the FBI statement. A Numerous number of search warrants have also been issued against them.

The crime rings are involved in the unfair practices of stealing computer user’s credit card, bank account detail and other personal information according to the FBI. The crime rings are associated with Yahos malicious software, which with the help of a so called Butterfly Botnet does all the stated internet crimes.

As unable in doing anything, more than 11 million computer systems were compromised with the environment of crime.

Facebook Inc showed its efficiency in identifying the internet criminals as well as the innocents affected by the malware, the FBI said. From 2010 until October this year, Yahos targeted Facebook users according to the FBI.