Is Apple Inc. involved in creating some secret arrangements to fix the manufacturing problems? Is it really making any secret product by which it hopes to win the world? Or else has Apple Inc. discovered a man made colony in the space for itself?

As the last supposition is much improbable, but considering the enthusiasm and excitement that the company usually generates, no one can deny that there is some secret knowledge that the iPhone and iPad maker knows. The possibility of the first two being true is exciting.

Apple’s Billion-Dollar Secret:

Apple Inc. is going on increasing its capital spending at an incredibly rapid pace, as per a research by Asymco analyst Horace Dediu, and it is obviously known to everyone that the dollars are getting slicked in.

According to Dediu Apple Inc. is increasing its capital expenditure till such a level that it is neither fish nor fowl. It manages to operate data centres but apparently does not deal with fabrication plants. But still it spends more than what Intel Corporation and Google Inc do combined.

The Business Strategy:

Dediu projected that Apple Inc.’s expenditure had increased in the current fiscal year to $10 billion, which is far more than any other company in this regard such as, Inc., Google Inc, Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. If so continued then the spending of Apple Inc. will soon challenge Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. $22 billion annual charge, according to analyst estimation.

While enquiring Dediu formed a conclusion that the expenditure goes on real estate or data centres but that expenditure will not cost so much as it happens. That will be a gradual expenditure. So it is doubted that Apple Inc. is involved in making some new line of product such as semiconductors or other mechanical components, he suggested. The company always shows its keen desire in controlling all the aspect of enlargement and manufacture of its high-value products.

The capital though huge in nature but is employed in a much arranged way. Not a single question has been raised on the earning and spending.