LOS ANGELES  - THEATER REVIEW – Stepping inside the skin of arguably the greatest female sex icon of our times takes some courage.  In “Marilyn My Secret” Kelly Mullis succeeds magnificently on every level, inhabiting what would seem to be the very soul of our beloved blonde goddess.  Moreover, she reveals that it is the audience to whom she does indeed belong, and that’s as much of her secrets as I’m giving away.

“Marilyn” could almost be described as a one woman show, with some punchy guest appearances, featuring the more troubled, yet influential liaisons in her complex life.  Monique Marissa Lukens appears as Natasha Lytess and Paula Strasberg, Katarina Radivojevic as Lili St. Cyr and Jamie German is Bobby Kennedy.  The first act moves quickly, and intermission comes around all to soon, leaving one hungry for more!

The meticulous rendering is deliciously intimate; Marilyn shares her secrets with the audience as if confiding in her best friend, going to  the hidden corners of her  tumultuous existence to surreptitiously reveal her darkest mysteries, and a few personal sex goddess tips!

Odalys Nanin, as the producer, director and co-writer has done a fantastic job bringing this highly entertaining, as well as moving production to life.

Also a word about the Macha Theatre; as it is really a special  venue, with an old world ambiance.  Located at 1107 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood 90069, it’s so nice to see it has survived the onslaught of large scale development in the area.  The interior features a tudor design, and incorporates a balcony level, which adds to the dimension and character of the space, making it stand out from the many black boxes in Los Angeles.

Performances through April 21 are Friday and Saturday at 8pm; Sunday 3pm & 7pm.  Dark April 12th.  Beginning April 26 through May 11th, performances are Friday and Saturday at 8pm; Sunday at 3pm.

For tickets, visit www.plays411.com or call (323) 960-7862.

Jenny Worman
Jenny Worman is Entertainment Editor for RevoluTimes. She ran for Congress in the 2012 California primary, 28th District, finishing third in a race of seven candidates. The 28th encompasses West Hollywood, Hollywood, Burbank et al, and is at the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Jenny also served as a director for six years on the Board of the Screen Actors Guild. She believes in limited government, abiding by the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Website

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