* TECH NEWS – Federal authorities have arrested a Michigan man, Yonjo Quiroa, for alleged copyright infringement, after discovering that websites he operated out of his home streamed live sports telecasts and pay-per-view events.  With the frequency of these busts, it would seem the authorities have all the tools needed to combat online piracy.  So, tell us again, why does the government need SOPA?

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Jenny Worman
Jenny Worman is Entertainment Editor for RevoluTimes. She ran for Congress in the 2012 California primary, 28th District, finishing third in a race of seven candidates. The 28th encompasses West Hollywood, Hollywood, Burbank et al, and is at the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Jenny also served as a director for six years on the Board of the Screen Actors Guild. She believes in limited government, abiding by the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Website

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