* LOS ANGELES – According to Deadline Hollywood, posting an exclusive report on their website yesterday, here are some of the changes post merger of the two acting unions:

New Initiation Fee: $3,000
(Previously $1,600 at AFTRA, $2,230 at SAG)

New Base Dues: $198.00
(Previously $116 at SAG.)

The article goes on to say:

Between 60%-70% of SAG members will see their dues increase from $116 to $198 (or +$82). Roughly 30% or less of SAG members will see a decrease believed to be $45 purely due to the fact that they will no longer be paying two dues bills. Broadcasters are getting a huge break on the work dues percentage after $100,000 and a big break on the maximum work and base dues.”

Read the full article here:


Jenny Worman
Jenny Worman is Entertainment Editor for RevoluTimes. She ran for Congress in the 2012 California primary, 28th District, finishing third in a race of seven candidates. The 28th encompasses West Hollywood, Hollywood, Burbank et al, and is at the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Jenny also served as a director for six years on the Board of the Screen Actors Guild. She believes in limited government, abiding by the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Website

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