D uring the media coverage of the Iowa Caucus, I watched an American soldier being cut off when voicing his political views on CNN. It came to mind what that soldier had already seen and how lucky he was to still be alive.  After serving 10 tours of duty, he was blessed with the opportunity to tell Americans how unnecessary these wars are.  As per usual the MSM censored this soldier,  as is their custom and practice to do with the majority of Ron Paul supporters.

A predominate issue within the Ron Paul campaign seems to be frustration with the lack of honest coverage on the man and his positions. In fact more often than not, his views have been ridiculed and even referred to as radical and insane. It comes to mind that many figures of the past were laughed at, and mocked for their so called extreme opposition to the status quo. Galileo is a good example.  Not to say Ron Paul is a philosopher, astronomer or physicist, but on the political front it is difficult to say this man’s opinions about the constitution are in lock step with his peers, most of whom, although they’ve sworn to uphold and defend the constitution, do not seem to take their oath of office very seriously.  Even if you aren’t a conspiracy theorist, it would be hard to miss the consistent attacks by the MSM on the man they claim isn’t even worth talking about.  What is it about his anti war message they don’t want to hear ?

According to Joyce Riley, head of The Gulf War Vets Association, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is exploding.  No detailed report from the Department of Defense has been provided to accurately determine the numbers or severity of the conditions. Over the decades a growing number of murders are taking place at home by returning vets suffering from PTSD. Take a look at a short list of vets who have acted out their PTSD as a result of exposure to war:

Most recently we saw Benjamin Colton Barnes play out a scene right out of ‘ Rambo ‘  in a national park. He was able to escape the swat team and eventually froze to death.

Daryl Holton killed his 4 children.

David Bradley,  a UK member of the Royal Artilliary,  killed 4 family members.

Davon Londell Thomas  killed his girlfriend because he thought she was a part of a terrorist attack on America.

Robert Stewart Flores killed three college professors before committing suicide.

Zackery Bowen strangled, and then dismembered his girlfriend and cooked her head in a pot on the stove.  This is stuff you can’t imagine in the worst horror film.

Paul Delaney stabbed his girlfriend 40 times.

Frank Ronghi sodomized, and then murdered an 11 year old girl in Kosovo.

Jerry Glenn Hutchinson murdered his girlfriend and her three children.

Joseph Ludlam murdered his former manager.

There’s John Allen Muhammed known as the D.C Sniper.

Let us not forget about Timothy McVeigh  & Terry Nichols convicted as conspirators in the Oklahoma City Bombings that killed hundreds.

You can beat the war drum until you’re red in the face, and go on attacking country after country like an empire would do in the name of peace and justice, but the mirror doesn’t escape its reflection on the culture.  The chickens will come home to roost.

We have to think about the implications on society when keeping men at war for up to 10 tours of duty. Bringing them home and expecting them to act like normal civilians with all of those demons swimming in their hearts and brains, seems a bit ignorant.

Vets of WW1 & WW2 were less influenced by the media’s programming than today’s youth raised on violent video games. Vets then broke more easily and look how we treated them in the aftermath.  Enormous numbers of Vets are homeless and permanently challenged psychologically.  Today’s youth became numb to murder and death at a very young age through videos and movies. The war machine must have recognized the softness of the older generations of Vets and devised a plan to serve their agenda better. Start the numbing process at a younger age and get more tours out of them.  That is another subject all together.  Did they expect one’s mind be able to adjust from being inside a violent game for hours upon days and then taking them to a country of bloodshed. As if stepping into virtual reality practically devised in the video game arena. The soldier may  have found his game has now gone viral. Seems like an easy enough fix if you look at it in a callous way.

How can we expect that a soldier can go on for years on end in a war zone and expect them to come home to society and adjust to the rudimentary tasks of everyday life ? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out this cannot be healthy for our society.   War rarely is.  War kills people and breaks things and nothing is one dimensional in life. So the break isn’t just on a physical level but on an emotional and mental one as well; “ mind, body and spirit”.  We must also consider the current soldiers’ exposure to  depleted uranium, and it’s effects on their brains. Uranium  has been shown to restrict blood flow to the brain, and cause severe birth defects.  How is it sane to continue such devastating activities to not only our bodies, but to the planet herself. Who are we to be so bold and heartless without considering the implications?

While bringing troops home from around the world used to be what was talked about in the news, giving voice to the opinions of a vast majority of Americans, and even promised by then candidate Barack Obama, it would appear in the MSM that this is no longer a desire of Americans. I’d like to hear from the people who voted him in.  Did their stance on war suddenly changed?  If so, what made them change their minds about destroying cities, cultures, societies and families around the world in the name of revenge?  Was it all for the retribution of 3000 individuals lost on 911 ?  Haven’t the millions of lives we’ve a taken since, more than filled your belly of revenge?  Who said we were the police force of the world and had the right to take out the leaders of countries who seem to have a few things in common, oil for one. Did people change their minds, or did the MSM simply stop talking about war protesters as it steered our attention to the Wall Street protesters?  Is it the effects of the propaganda coming out of the MSM, or is it that they have deliberately chosen to ignore these views like the fair coverage of the only anti-war candidate running for president, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul?

Perhaps that is the very conversation the corporate media wants to avoid.  Is stopping the wars, and the long lasting effects it has on society and soldiers, made impossible if people are kept from hearing Ron Paul’s point of view?  After all there’s little time for most people to reflect on issues other than what the MSM covers. It’s as if they’re dictating to you, the issues that should matter in the politics of life.

What they may not want you to look at is that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is simple.  It is a plan to set things right, in a moral sense, for humanity.  In fact he may be the only candidate discussing morality at all. What makes Ron Paul stand out from the other candidates is what is most important to consider as a blessing in a world of bloodshed.  His foreign policy takes a drastically different stance on war than all the other candidates. He’s the only one who wants to withdrawl all troops from around the world and bring them home, home to protect the mainland and our borders here in the U.S.  Somehow this concept makes no sense to supporters of the other candidates.

But why would it when they’re living in a world that entertains the idea of torture, corruption and war mongering?  I guess the till is still full:  Two billlion dollars a week to maintain just the war in Afghanistan alone.  Americans have not only been programmed to accept debt, but to further indebt themselves and their grandchildren.

In some pinky brain it is the answer to pulling ourselves out of the tsunami of debt that threatens America’s very survival, of our life as we know it. This concept of an “ eye for an eye “ or in our case it seems an  “ eye for a body “, comes into play when shaping a healthy society.  I’d like to live to see the day when the conversation  about war’s effects on society are at least discussed openly. Until then soldiers may still be falling from grace and heroism, like the black birds that keep falling from our skies in great numbers.  Some say there is a reason for everything, some good to be had, so to speak from the harshest of circumstances.

I think we should listen to what our active duty men, Vets and Dr. Paul has to say. They may know the reason.


Jenny Worman
Jenny Worman is Entertainment Editor for RevoluTimes. She ran for Congress in the 2012 California primary, 28th District, finishing third in a race of seven candidates. The 28th encompasses West Hollywood, Hollywood, Burbank et al, and is at the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Jenny also served as a director for six years on the Board of the Screen Actors Guild. She believes in limited government, abiding by the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Website

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